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KOD-3000 Firmware Updates

Get all the details to update your player below.

Formatting Hard Drives Larger Than 2TB:
If using 4TB internally in the KOD-3000, the 4TB Hard drives must only be formatted using a SATA port with an ESTA docking station or connected to an internal SATA port. Using a USB docking station will format the hard drive incorrectly and cause loss of data or even cause an unrecognized drive. Drives must be formatted using 512-bytes per sector and not 4096K.

Firmware v1.271 (7/8/2015):
Download (Just download this latest firmware to get all the updates.)

  • Bug fixes

Older Firmware Releases

Firmware v1.27 (3/10/2015):Download

  • Bug and wi-fi fixes

Firmware v1.26 (12/22/2014):Download

  • Bug and wi-fi fixes

Firmware v1.24 (9/24/2014):Download

  • Fixed Thai language display issue when a file name is too long
  • Fixed playback issue with AC3 audio files only playing the
    vocal track

Firmware v1.23 (8/21/2014):Download

Firmware v1.21 (7/7/2014):Download

Firmware v1.20 (4/8/2014):Download

Firmware v1.19 (3/20/2014):Download

Firmware v1.183 (3/13/2014):Download

Firmware v1.18 (8/9/2013):Download

  • Supports key control in the media center
  • Supports these additional user interface languages:
    • Korean
    • Japanese
    • Filipino
    • Vietnamese

Firmware v1.18 (7/25/2013):Download

  • Can delete songs by artist
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Change On-Screen Display to "please select a song…"

Firmware v1.17 (6/25/2013):Download

  • Fixed intermittent power button function.

Firmware v1.15 (6/11/2013):Download

  • Supports exporting songlists from the KOD-3000 to a USB flash drive.
  • Supports importing songs for both CDG and MPG.

Firmware v1.12 (5/20/2013):Download

  • Supports hard drives large than 2TB HDD. (2x 4TB internal)
  • Supports USB Keyboard which allows you to edit song info for captured tracks
  • Stop all songs by pressing INFO+RED
  • Fix App bugs.

Firmware v1.10 (4/25/2013):Download

  • Improved Song Editor and music settings
  • Increased speed with Buffalo External HDD
  • Increases output volume during playback

Firmware v1.099 (4/25/2013):Download

  • Mic Setting and Music Setting now available
  • Improved sync speed with tablets

Firmware v1.094 (3/27/2013):Download

  • Improved compatibility with iPad tablets.

Firmware v1.093 (3/22/2013):Download

  • New "Demo Play" Function
  • Works with USB Wi-Fi access point
  • Fixed syncing issues
  • Supports Auto IP search function

Firmware v1.09 (3/19/2013):Download

  • Now supports autodiscover with Android Songbook App v.1.0.4

Firmware v1.089 (3/8/2013):Download

  • Improve HDD functions
  • Various bug fixes

Firmware v1.088 (3/7/2013):Download

  • Added MP4 support
  • Improved NAS loading speeds

Firmware v1.087 (3/4/2013):Download

  • Improved support for playing BDMV folders.
  • Eliminated a delay when playing HD videos
  • Enabled Echo volume to be turned off completely
  • Can correctly edit songs using the Song Edit function when using the CD ripping feature

Firmware v1.085 (2/8/2013):Download

  • Improved communication and syncing with the iOS and Android App

Firmware v1.084 (2/5/2013):Download

  • Improved communication with the iOS and Android App
  • Search between English/Vietnamese Alphabet

Firmware v1.082 (1/31/2013):Download

  • Prevents 16:9 ratio videos from being stretched off screen.

Firmware v1.081 (1/30/2013):Download

  • Fixes an issue with intermittent eject button operation.

Firmware v1.074 (1/17/2013):Download

  • Supports longer file names.

Firmware v1.07 (12/28/2012): Download

  • CD+G Disc Ripping function now available.